Espumita Por La Vida

Words by Jonathan Quinones

I like to tell people

“In Miami, if you throw a rock you’ll hit 3 Cuban bakeries”

You know the good ones cause they got hella viejos at the ventana politicking

and a big ass water cooler with the paper cone cups

Cubans can’t keep shit to themselves

Their life story, a helping hand, the latest gossip, or a shot of cafe

Yeah you could fuck up a whole cup, easy, I know it’s delicious

But the reason colada’s come with basitos is so you can offer them around

(Squeeze the edge of the styrofoam asi, it’s easier to pour)

Pasteles are meant to be bought in bulk

Cop a box full of croquetas, empanadas, deditos, y pastelitos

The only things I want my “barista” to call me are “Mi amor, mi socio, or niño”

If that ain’t your style then go to Starbucks with the gringos

I’ll be here comiendo mierda con mi gente


Jonathan Quinones, born and raised in Dade County, is a library assistant who enjoys breaking ankles and baking pizzas.